[SCRIPT] Bot Twitter Reply by SimSimi

Bot Twitter Reply by SimSimi reviewBot Twitter Reply by SimSimi review

A few months ago, there is a wants to be made by me about the bot replies tweet (by simsimi). Sorry could only reply to the request at this time. Hihihi.

What it SimSimi? Previously I've explained the definition of simsimi on the post Bot Telegram SimSimi. So, at this point I don't need to be long-winded.

First, download TwitterOAuth PHP Library by Abraham.

Than you need consumer key, consumer secret, token key and token secret. You can find them at Twitter Application Management.


17. define('LANG', 'en');
On line 17 is the language used to reply tweet by simsimi. (Can't be blank)
Available az (Azerbaijani), de (Dutch), en (English), fr (French), it (Italian), pt (Portuguese), ru (Russian), es (Spanish), tl (Tagalog) and tr (Turkish).

18. define('LOG', 'log.txt');
On line 18 defines as a log for the tweets that have been returned, in order to avoid duplicates.

23. $tuit = ambil("statuses/mentions_timeline", array("count" => "1"));
And the variable $tuit on line 23 that calls the function ambil(). Count is the number of tweets to be taken (mention). Recommend; 5.

I think it's enough, if you have questions or problems in the code, please comment. :)


[TUTS] SMS Gratis ke Indonesia Gateway Hijack

My gateway server of victim is; smsgratis2indonesia{dot}co{dot}id
Let see how it's works!

SMS Gratis ke Indonesia Gateway Hijack Preview
(SMS Gratis ke Indonesia Gateway Hijack 1.0)

# usage; http://localhost/this.php?no={victim/target number}&text={your text}